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19 June 2015


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Ruby 2 test drive

Ruby 2 is fast! . First experience of running some of my scripts in Ruby 2 was: WOW !!! .

Ruby 2.0.0-p0 is barely out. I was wating for it to appear on RVM radar and today tried it finally. And ... as I said WOW !!!

Look at the numbers below. It's not what you can call a scientific approach for benchmarking, but demonstrates main idea well enough.

Running same small script in 2 Ruby revisions. Ususally second run is faster since some libraries are already preloaded in memory.

Can you see the difference?


  Run          First       Second
               ------      -----
  real         2.12        1.68
  user         1.54        1.53
  sys          0.16        0.13


  Run          First       Second
               ------      -----
  real         0.89        0.66
  user         0.59        0.56
  sys          0.10        0.09

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