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19 June 2015


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Banalize: Bash static code analyzerDBIx::Report::ExcelShell settings, AKA dotfilesNagios Monitoring for Couchbase serverNagira: RESTful API for NagiosStartpack for Github pages developmentWeb iPhoto

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Україномовний блог Витрішки - блог про все, крім роботи. Цикл статей "Літо на півночі Японії" з цього блогу тепер опублікований у Витрішках

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iPhoto and files permission Is MacOSX 10.9 == MacOS 9.x? Running Chef roles from Capistrano und Capiche Github & Jekyll: Speeding up Jekyll siteGithub & Jekyll: More experience with Jekyll and setup changesBuild new hosts with Capistrano and Chef Request Tracker: More about custom CSS for RT4Ruby 2 test drive Nagira v0.2.5 release It's UNIX my dear Watson

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Nagira @TLUG, 2012Rspec and Guard


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AWS Deploy

Collection of simple tools Rails application deployment to AWS

AWS Deploy based on Amazon Ruby SDK for EC2. It’s a small set of tools to create links between several deployment tools: AWS SDK, Chef and Capistrano for seamless one-step deployment to AWS cloud.

Banalize: Bash static code analyzer

Syntax analyzer for bash scripts

Banalyzer is modelled after ideas of Perl::Critic static analyzer for Perl. Documentation


Creating reports in MS Excel format from database using Perl

Shell settings, AKA dotfiles

My own personalized settings for shell, terminals and editors I use.

Settings cloned from somebody else’s repository and adapted for myself. I’ve added quite a lot of — what I think — convenient keystrokes and settings for Tmux, iTerm.

Github keys

Simple Chef cookbook to generate and deploy keys to user’s Github account.

There are situations when you need to deploy things to a server and give access to some specific user to gihub, for example, for automatic download or upload github project code. Gihub_keys cookbook use user name and password to generate and upload new set of keys to gihub account.

Nagios Monitoring for Couchbase server

Use RESTFul API for Nagios to monitor Couchbase server

NagiosForCouchbase (AKA NFC) relies on Nagira API for easy integration between Couchbase server and Nagios

Nagira: RESTful API for Nagios

Nagios RESTful API. Access your Nagios server data via web.

Nagira is Ruby/Sinatra light-weight web services API for accessing and operating data of Nagios hosts and services, accessing Nagios configuration.

RSpec tests for Normalized Hash

Hash with additional requirements, to ensure easy parseable data structure. Set RSpec tests for it.

Specification to make data produced by data parser of server inventory scanner easy to use by software that does not know about internal data structure, i.e. data driven and schema-less. Data structures should be built in such a way as to make data self-documenting, easy adaptable and “software-friendly”.

Fork of the ruby-nagios library

Ruby libraries to access Nagios internals by R.I.Pienaar

Nice Ruby project forked from Ruby-nagios is used in my Nagira API. In order to be able to use it more effectively needed to add some functionality. Some of the added stuff fed back to mainstream, but some is still available only in this fork.

Startpack for Github pages development

Ukrainian language guide for Github Pages development.

Startpack is Ukrainian language guide for Github Pages development aimed at non-programmers and starters. Documentation

Посібник системного адміністратора Лінакс

This is Ukrainian translation of Linux System Administration Guide from Lars Virzenius. Translation is done against version 0.6 of the original.

Ukrainian translation of Linux System Administration Guide from Lars Virzenius. Original document was published at 15’th of Nov, 1997. Translation first publication: Feb, 1999.

Uliska Modular Inventory Scanner

UNIX, Linux Inventory and Configuration Scanner

I was facing the same problem more than once: hosts inventory database. This looks like never ending story with no good answer in many cases.

Web iPhoto

Client side web album. Use iPhoto data, photos to browse albums in web browser. Mimics iPhoto UI in browser.

Web iPhoto (or wiPhoto) is a client side web album application. Main use for it is thought to browse iPhoto picture collections in web browser without need of iPhoto application.

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