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19 June 2015


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Memorizable password generation

I was in need to write function to generate pseudo-random strings that are easier to remember and type for a human. To use either for passwords or let's say random coupon codes.

In my search I came across this solution. It sure works, but does not look pretty enough.

def self.random_password
  c = %w( b c d f g h j k l m n p qu r s t v w x z ) +
      %w( ch cr fr nd ng nk nt ph pr rd sh sl sp st th tr )
  v = %w( a e i o u y )
  f, r = true, ''
  6.times do
    r << ( f ? c[ rand * c.size ] : v[ rand * v.size ] )
    f = !f
  2.times do
    r << ( rand( 9 ) + 1 ).to_s

So I decided to do my own. After few modifications I came up with example below:

class Array
  def rand

def random_password size=4
    c = %w(b c d f g h j k l m n p qu r s t v w x z ch cr fr nd ng nk nt ph pr rd sh sl sp st th tr)
    v = %w(a e i o u y)
    (0...size).reduce('') { |r| r << c.rand << v.rand }

All together it's not really any shorter, but function itself is less than half the size of the original, and as a side effect, there's also Array.rand method.

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