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19 June 2015


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Посібник системного адміністратора Лінакс
Table Of Contents

This is Ukrainian translation of Linux System Administration Guide from Lars Virzenius. Translation is done against version 0.6 of the original.

PDF and Postscript versions of the manual available for download

Versions of this project refer to versions of translation, rather then verions of original English document.

Original document was published at 15’th of Nov, 1997. Translation first publication: Feb, 1999.

Ukrainian translation uses KOI8-U charset in LaTeX source codes. Same charset also in produced HTML files (converted by latex2html).

README file of the original English SAG v.06, is included here as

Project first imported to Github on July, 2012.


Dmytro Kovalov (

Source code

дмитро ковальов
dmytro @ github