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19 June 2015

Ruby, Perl, Javascript development, UNIX system administration and monitoring. Open source projects developed for my satisfaction and for fun, most of these available either on Github or CPAN. For closed source software provided short description, and probably a couple of screen-shots. Please feel free to use, to re-distribute, to critic and to contribute.

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Banalize: Bash static code analyzerDBIx::Report::ExcelShell settings, AKA dotfilesNagios Monitoring for Couchbase serverNagira: RESTful API for NagiosStartpack for Github pages developmentWeb iPhoto

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Україномовний блог Витрішки - блог про все, крім роботи. Цикл статей "Літо на півночі Японії" з цього блогу тепер опублікований у Витрішках

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iPhoto and files permission Is MacOSX 10.9 == MacOS 9.x? Running Chef roles from Capistrano und Capiche Github & Jekyll: Speeding up Jekyll siteGithub & Jekyll: More experience with Jekyll and setup changesBuild new hosts with Capistrano and Chef Request Tracker: More about custom CSS for RT4Ruby 2 test drive Nagira v0.2.5 release It's UNIX my dear Watson

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Nagira @TLUG, 2012Rspec and Guard


Ярило Yarylo, Jarilo me @ github me @ CPAN Dmytro (CV)

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iPhoto and files permission

Migrating photo album from iPhoto 8 to iPhoto 9 does not seem and easy task on Mac anymore.
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Is MacOSX 10.9 == MacOS 9.x?

I am mac user since MacOS 7.1. 7.x never crashed on me, 8.x was kind of OK, 9.x sucked.
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Running Chef roles from Capistrano

Databags are generated on Capistrano side and then used by Chef for server and components configuration.
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Enterprise monitoring

  • Configuration ViewerStand alone Javascript web-based viewer of the configurations of Linux or UNIX based hosts
  • Nagios Mail TemplateEmail template for sending alert mails from Nagios monitoring
  • Nagios RESTful APIFaceless web application for providing access to object status of Nagios monitoring system
  • Package WatcherLinux file-system changes monitor, version control and alerter

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